Boat Diver In Malta

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Boat Diver In Malta


Boats allow you to explore spectacular dive sites not easily accessible from shore. Imagine no entries through surf, no long surface swims, no navigational wizardry to find the site, and no air gone from your cylinder to arrive at the reef you wanted to explore. Instead, imagine effortlessly entering the water from the transom of a boat – in moments, you and your buddy descend to the site, eyes wide open in anticipation of the aquatic marine life you’ll see. Imagine diving visibility averag- ing 30-45 metres/100-150 feet, wrecks teeming with life, common encounters with octopus and a vast variety of reef fish, lingcod, urchins, strawberry anemones, crabs and lobsters. Combine the comfort and

ease of diving from a boat and your closest diving friends, and you have all the makings for a perfect scuba experience. By the end of knowledge development, student divers will be able to explain: Advantages of diving from a boat, boat terminology, general dive boat categories and their characteristics, and boating laws and regulations.


€190 ( including Materials and certification)
1-2 days
10 years old
(Junior) Open Water Diver qualification

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