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Snorkelling is the quickest and easiest way to enjoy the warm waters of the Maltese waters. If you can float, you can snorkel. Like any other activity, however, a little knowledge and a little practice will help you make the most of your experience. At Waterworld we have all the equipment for a safe and comfortable snorkel around the coastline. We also have digital cameras for hire so you can capture all the wonderful sea life and moments, which you can share with your family back home.

Rando Package

We are offering a unique package of two snorkelling kits together with the rent of Under-water Digital Camera for a special price of € 20 per day.

A high definition, 8.0 Megapixels, Waterproof Digital Camera at € 15 per day including transfer of pictures on a CD

(Additional CD’s at an extra charge of € 5)

We also offer Snorkelling Charters.

Waterworld’s snorkelling excursions fit all ages and all types of groups. Snorkelling charters typically range between 3-4 hours and accommodate 6-10 guests. We offer top quality snorkelling gear, flotation devices and snorkelling instruction as needed. Waterworld’s snorkelling destinations include:

  • Blue Lagoon Comino
  • Crystal Lagoon Comino
  • Other locations on request

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