Knee Boarding In Malta

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Knee Boarding In Malta


If you are looking for a unique water sport that is similar to wake boarding, and just as thrilling, knee boarding is for you. Knee boarding offers all new challenges and thrills and continues to be a dominate force in the water sport industry. It requires less physical skill and effort in comparison to other water sports such as wakeboarding or water skiing. These factors are especially beneficial to those who are newly interested or those looking to further their interests in water sports. Knee boarding is considered to be a good ‘gateway’, an introductory sport for novice users, primarily younger children just getting started out on the water but can also apply to adults looking to break into the boating lifestyle or other forms of water sports.

Knee boarding is a family oriented sport that can be fun and exciting everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability. With our adequate equipment and qualified crew we can guarantee that you will have the ability to cut through the waves at various speeds, and maybe even perform some tricks..


10 mins € 30 per person
10 mins € 45 per person (with an instructor)

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